AtlasCare Helps You Keep Your Cool When Summer is at Its Hottest

It seems that many Canadians spend the six months of winter wishing for summer…and then wishing for summer to go away when it finally arrives. Everybody loves the sun, but the excessive heat and humidity can make a nice day feel oppressive. Heavy heat and humidity also negatively impact your productivity and general comfort.

Air conditioners cool the air and remove excess humidity. That makes for a more relaxing environment, but also cleaner air: the unit’s filter helps to remove the various pollutants and allergens commonly circulating in households.

If you are in the market for a new air conditioner, our Home Comfort Specialists will help you with every step. We examine your home’s entire HVAC system, talk to you about its specific needs, and then help you select the right air conditioner. After installation, we will explain all aspects of its use and determine the best temperature setting to ensure your consistent comfort. We use a 17 Step Perfect Installation Process to ensure everything is done exactly right.

A dependable air conditioner means dependable summer comfort when you need it most. You can help guard against breakdowns and high repair costs with the AtlasCare Service Program. One of our expert technicians will examine all aspects of your home cooling systems, including performing a Precision Air Conditioner Tune-up that looks at 20 specific components. If any of these require attention, we will make the repair in order to ensure that your air conditioner is operating at peak efficiency. We also offer two low-cost protection plans that include one free emergency service diagnostic per year.

If a breakdown ever does occur, AtlasCare’s 4 Hour Emergency Air Conditioning Service is always there to help, day or night, around the clock. Whatever the problem, you can trust AtlasCare to provide the fastest and highest ranked emergency air conditioning service in the GTA.

AtlasCare has over 80 years of experience providing GTA homeowners with reliable air conditioner services. Trust our professionals to ensure that you will stay cool, even when summer is at its hottest.

Contact us today at 905-829-1296 or 416-626-1785 to schedule an appointment, request a quote, or to learn more about how Atlascare’s policy of exceeding expectations has earned it Homestar’s highest customer rankings year after year.

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