AtlasCare Helps You Maintain the Heart of Your Home’s Hot Water System

Whether you live alone or as part of a large family, we all want our hot water system to deliver when we need it. Gone are the days when it was acceptable for a family member to take a long shower, with everyone else in the household then having to wait an hour until there was more hot water. Modern water boilers, hydronic heating, and water heater services ensure that everyone gets hot water as soon as they want it.

Do you need a new boiler installation? AtlasCare does a thorough inspection that considers many aspects of your home, including the pipe layout and the unit’s noise level. With that information, we can help you choose a boiler that will suit your needs and improve the life expectancy of your home’s hot water system.

We understand that a home’s boiler is the heart of its hydronic heating system. AtlasCare Protection Plans help to ensure regular service and maintenance that will prevent any costly or disruptive breakdowns.

Annual gas boiler inspections also keep your home safe and free of dangerous carbon monoxide gas. Under TSSA guidelines, technicians must perform boiler inspections on natural draft boilers equipped with a draft hood with 300,000 BTUs of power or less. If the technician finds that the boiler does not meet established safety standards, a gas shut off may result. Regular maintenance checks can help to prevent such an unfortunate occurrence.

AtlasCare also offers a rent-to-own water healer program that can save you thousands of dollars over rental programs offered by our competitors. Sign up for AtlasCare’s Rent-to-Own Water Heater Program and own your unit after ten years.

Contact us today at 905-829-1296 or 416-626-1785 to schedule an appointment, request a quote, or to learn more about how Atlascare’s policy of exceeding expectations has earned it Homestar’s highest customer rankings year after year.

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